Rogue City (2023)

For ,Windows

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RoboCop Rogue City is an action-adventure game that takes us into the vastness of a sci-fi world, where we have to take on an unusual role – the role of RoboCop.
Events take us to the expanses of Detroit, where crime and corruption flourish, which you will fight using any possible means. At your disposal is a large arsenal of weapons and modifications that you will use on the battlefield, eliminating crime in the bud. The game provides complete freedom of action, and therefore it is important to make the right decisions in a given situation, because the outcome of events will depend on this. The game took its basis in the famous trilogy about the brave and fearless RoboCop, and therefore the plot promises to be as interesting as possible and filled with unexpected turns of events. You will also be pleased with the visual performance, precisely designed and realistic, which will ensure complete immersion in the atmosphere.

Full Specification:

  • Licence: Free
  • Developer: Teyon
  • Last Update: 10/06/2023
  • Rating: 5

How to Use: